R&D Pilot Operations

    • October 2015
      Dr. Werner Koschuh offers services and equipment for bio-refinery plants

    • September 2015

      Status - Vacuum Evaporator 150 L/h

    • August 2012: evaporation investigation with alfalfa extract using skid Nr. 33; evaporation rate 4 kg/h
      topic of investigation: fouling in heat exchanger, elevation of boiling point, foaming, ...

    • April 2012: semi automated welding with the help of a rotating table.

      welding inside a 200 mm end cap

    • Feb 2012: Partner gruene-bioraffinerie.at GmbH is online

    • Feb 2012: Body for evaporator is finished

      body parts in one piceparts separate: cylindric body with internal coil, cyl. t-piece body, sight glass,...welding inside

    • Jan 2012: WIG Welding certification EN287-1:2010 141 T BW 9.3 S t1.5 D50 H-L045 ss nb and AD2000 HP3

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